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54 CARES DEEPLY I –15/02/2008
Brussels, Compilothéque, Quai des Péniches 50
Cost: 4 Euro >> 23h >> 6 Euro


L-WIZ – Sweden
L-Wiz is Claes Rosen & Ola Näslund, both 26 years old from Nynäshamn south of Stockholm. Been making dubstep since 2002 but the first release came in 2005 on the label Dub Police. Also got releases out on the Swedish dubstep label RedVolume and english Baredubs.Altho L-Wiz is a duo it’s only Ola that plays dubstep DJ-sets. Claes is more of the master behind the keyboard. Melody, Meditation & alot of Bass. L-Wiz is alive !

Labels: Dub Police, Red volume, Baredubs

HOODZ – u-ome – USA, Los Angeles

Albert started on his musical path back in 1989, when he got his first hip-hop tape ever, which led him to be an avid music fan for life. It wasn’t until 1992 that a friend of his introduced him into what was then the early Hardcore Breakbeat scene. This techno music was something so new, but had the familiar breaks of Hip-Hop in it that he instantly loved it. It wasn’t until 1995 that he heard a Drum and Bass remix of a hardcore song that he instantly got chills up his spine and knew what he was going to do. Jungle music back then was so fresh and new that he had to find out more about it. So, he decided to buy a sampler and drum machine in late 1997 and try and figure out how to make those crazy sounds. In 1999, He moved back out to Los Angeles where he was originally from. Here, he fell back in love with Jungle music. It was here where he met his friend Gio that got him into being a DJ. Albert never thought of DJing, just the production side of things, but in the Jungle/DnB world, you almost have to be a DJ to get your songs out there. So, he worked in the lab up until 2002 and was now ready to DJ out for live audiences. The Dubstep bug didn’t bite until late 2005 when he heard some dark tunes with a Drum and Bass twist. He was hooked instantly. Teaming up with 6Blocc (aka R.A.W./BBoy-3000), who was also getting attracted to Dubstep, they started to harness their love of DnB, Hip-Hop, Dub/Reggae, Funk, Electro and ALL types of music into their version of Dubstep. Under the moniker HOODZ, Tribe UK signed them for their Dubstep tune “Kong” and “Babylonia”. With more vinyl releases on the way, 2007 is the year to watch out for big things from U-Ome.

Labels: Tribe Steppaz, Steps In Time, X13

DUTTY DUBZ – Goldfinger, Templer and Rumble – Germany
The Dutty Dubz crew, consisting of Rumble, Goldfinger, Templer and RAkoon, began their common project “Dutty Dubz” in December 2006. Each of four Members comes from another Musical genre, even more interesting the boys were found it to produce and play Dubstep together! One year is over and the first results are already to be seen. Releases of Goldfinger and RAkoon on Trackdonalds and Rottun Recordings. The whole crew is Signed with their Tune “Gameboy Love” on the Belgian Compilation “SUB STANCE” which has appeared on the 6th of June, 2007 under the label Aeclectrick. Also a Releases on Disfigured Dubz and 2nd Drop are on their Way! The Crew is to be heard every other Monday at 8pm german Time on Borgradio.de. Also ones monthly on radio x.de, as well as at the Rotari Club in Offenbach where also 3 of them are living….you have to see this beautyfull dirty City Wink More to come… So listen up and watch out for Dutty Dubz…

Labels: Aeclectrick, 2nd Drop, Trackdonalds, Rottun, DubBullet

GAMILA – NL-Iceland-Israël-Spain

Gamila is a live band. Playing mainly mutated bass orientated beats. Be prepared for this amazing live performance.
– Steindor Kristinson (beats/bass’s) Iceland
– Michiel Claus (drums/percusion) Belgium – 54KOLAKTIV
– Yamila Rodriges (cello/efx/voice) Spain
– Ofir Klemperer (synths/efx) Israël
– Ofer Smilanski (live prossesing) Israël

Phonetics (Dubstep) – 54KOLAKTIV
Ezzy & Depancher (Dubstep) – 54KOLAKTIV
Mezzdub (Dubstep) – 54KOLAKTIV
Yurin Rostislav & Viktor Sagat (Live set – Jungle, Dubstep, …) – 54KOLAKTIV

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